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Gold Air Rower

The Roger Black Gold Air Rower is a really popular choice for customers who want a low-impact workout and who prefer rowing to cycling because of the added benefit of an upper-body workout.

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Roger Black Rowing Machines

The Roger Black rowing machine is compact yet adaptable for a variety of home workouts. Variable levels and a comprehensive range of programmes will allow you to track progression via the air rower’s in-built monitor.

If you are seeking a smooth and comfortable rowing experience, this air rower is for you. Ideal for novices and more experienced rowers alike, a Roger Black rowing machine is the perfect addition to your home gym set-up.

If your arms need a rest after your rowing workout, why not consider a jog on a Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill.

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Roger Black is a well known British Olympic Athlete, his products have been sold in the UK for over 15 years.

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