Roger Black & Argos UK


Prior to May 2021, the Roger Black Fitness range of home fitness equipment was licensed exclusively to Argos throughout the UK for many years.

Each and every product fell and still falls under Argos Warranty, Service and T&Cs of sale.

You will know if you have an Argos product as the Product Manual will have an Argos Warranty on the final page, rather than a Roger Black Fitness one.

In addition, the colour way of the range is blue, grey and black, so even if your product is second-hand, bought via eBay or privately, the same applies.

We are very grateful for each and every Argos customer so ‘thank you’ for your custom over the years. Please be aware that the process is as follows if you need to contact someone regarding your machine, however old it might be.

If you need to get in touch regarding your Argos-bought Roger Black equipment, whether it be for a MANUAL, SPARE PART, SERVICE or TECHNICAL QUESTION regarding your machine, Argos customers (out of warranty equipment or second-hand products bought privately) should call the FES Call Centre on 01782 280855 or email for all queries relating to product manuals, spare parts (including treadmill keys), technical queries and servicing. Roger Black Fitness is unable to assist with Argos-related product enquiries.

Please do not email or call us at Roger Black Fitness as unfortunately we won’t be able to assist you. We will simply pass on the above email address if your product was bought through Argos.

Extended Loyalty

If you are looking for a new machine, we are happy to extend a goodwill loyalty discount, if you contact us on

Please be advised that we are unable to remove old machines or dispose of them. You will need to contact your local Council or removal service if you wish to recycle or dispose of your Argos-bought Roger Black Fitness machine.