Maintenance Guide for Roger Black Fitness Exercise Bikes

Maintenance Guide for Roger Black Fitness Exercise Bikes

Since launched back in 2021, our best-selling products have been our Roger Black Exercise Bikes | Stationary & Folding Bikes UK (, initially with the Folding Exercise Bike in the number one spot and, more recently, The Gold Bike pedalling its way into pole position. 

We’ve received some great reviews in national broadsheet newspapers such as Daily Telegraph and review sites such as Gym Tech Review and are proud of our track record during the last few years, especially within the niche 50+ market (over 70% of our website customers are aged 50+).

Whilst selling a product might be fundamental to each and every business, customer experience is paramount as a responsible e-commerce concern. There may not be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to product maintenance for Roger Black machines, but we wanted to provide customers past and present with some top tips within the following areas:

  1. Understanding your stationary bike and its parts
  2. Regular cleaning and inspection
  3. Product longevity
  4. Checking and tightening bolts and screws
  5. Lubrication of (re)movable parts
  6. Manufacturer’s recommendations and Warranty

In addition, a plethora of generic information (some conflicting!) is also available via YouTube and web-based resources.

Understanding your stationary bike and its parts

When you assemble your bike from new (or second-hand), you will usually have access to a printed version of the product manual. If you don’t have a manual, you can visit the product pages at or download a manual via Troubleshooting & Support | Roger Black Fitness. These manuals accompany post-2021 models of Roger Black Fitness bikes. For older, pre-2021 models, please contact FES on 01782 280855 or

Each bike will require assembly, or partial assembly, based on larger and smaller parts, as follows:*

  • Main Frame (including cranks) – Please do not attempt to dismantle the main frame
  • Pedals – Left and right-hand pedals 
  • Console/Monitor – Be gentle when connecting the monitor
  • Saddle/Saddle Stem – Please do not attempt to interchange saddles from another machine 
  • Handlebars – Be extra careful with connectors
  • Stabilisers – Make sure you differentiate between front and rear
  • Power cable (Gold Bike only) – Keep hold of this if you are moving!
  • Blister packs with smaller parts – These can sometimes be tricky to find amidst the bubble wrap

If you are buying a machine second-hand, always check that the product is being sold with all parts, as replacements may not always be available.

*Not all parts are listed

Regular cleaning and inspection

  • Wherever possible, do try not to store your machine in a garage or too close to a radiator or heater
  • Ensure that the stabilizers are correctly affixed and that the flooring is flat – you can buy a rubber mat with a larger circumference/workout area
  • Always unplug your machine after use
  • Do not plug your machine into a socket or extension adaptor
  • There is no fixed maintenance timeline regarding lubrication and cleaning
  • Use a soft brush or cloth to remove dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas, such as between the pedals and around the crank
  • If the bike isn’t being used, try to turn the pedals from time to time and cover it with a dust protector
  • Console batteries may need to be replaced from time to time
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may damage component

Product longevity

Whilst there is no fixed guideline regarding your machine’s lifespan, some factors such as regular care and maintenance may improve longevity. Whilst we fully appreciate that sometimes a machine may have a fault, in principle, you should be able to keep a machine well into the out of Warranty period, if it is properly cared for.

If different family members or friends use the same machine, be mindful when changing saddle heights. You can also purchase individual unisex gel covers for your bike seat which may help to protect the material of the saddle.

In the first instance, be sensible with your product choice. If you know you are a regular and consistent user, the gold bike may be preferable to the folding option. If you don’t have much space, the folding bike may best suit your requirements. 

As with most things in life, from plants to bikes, you do need to care, respect and tend to your possessions, even if you are away for long periods of time or if you aren’t at home a lot. That said, don’t over-lubricate machines or they could end up damaged.

Checking and tightening bolts and screws

Regularly inspect all bolts and screws on the bike for signs of wear and tear, especially if you can hear a noise. Use the appropriate tools, such as a wrench or screwdriver, to tighten any loose fastenings, preferably those included within the blister pack at the time of purchase.

Pay special attention to bolts securing critical components like the saddle, handlebars, pedals and stabilizers. Remember that the left-hand pedal is a reverse thread mechanism, ie you attach to your bike, anti-clockwise. Do not force any of the mechanisms if something appears to be wrong with the machine or its parts.

Lubrication of (re)movable parts

Apply a lubricant such as WD40 Multi-Use to movable parts such as the pedal axles, knobs, and cranks – basically movable parts. Roger’s interview with Steve Mellor, Operations Director at Fitness Equipment Services, can be viewed here, where they discuss bike lubrication, maintenance and general top tips:

How to maintain your RBF Folding Bike and Gold Bike with FES (

The frequency of lubricating a stationary bike at home can vary depending on factors such as the type of bike, the intensity and duration of use, so be mindful of any noises coming from the machine and comparing your pedalling experience from one session to the next.

Ultimately, the ideal lubrication frequency may require some trial and error based on your specific bike and usage patterns. If you find that the bike starts to feel less smooth or begins making unusual noises, try lubricating it and monitor how long the effects last.

Manufacturer’s recommendations and Warranty

Roger Black Fitness will refund or replace your machine if there is a manufacturing fault during the one-year Warranty period from the date of purchase. We do not offer an engineer or repair service for your folding bike or gold exercise bike.

Please do not attempt to repair a machine yourself or to open the main frame. This will invalidate your Warranty. Ditto, please do not attempt to interchange saddles, pedals or consoles between machines, regardless of where you purchased them.

If you want to use your machine on an upper floor in your home, always check with your home insurance company before you buy, as some Policies only cover use of machines on a ground floor level.

Roger Black Fitness doesn’t offer a collection service for out of Warranty machines that are no longer required due to a change in personal circumstances. We are aware that some local Councils and charities offer a bulky collection service. There are also specialist online businesses who may wish to acquire your machine for parts and then there is always eBay.

In short…

To sum up, there are no hard or fast rules when it comes to how well or how long your machine will or should last. Numerous external factors such as humidity, dust, excess heat, ‘abandonment to the spare room’, maintenance and frequency of use, will all contribute to your bike’s individual journey and lifespan – a little bit like being a human being! Bottom line, always be sensible with your machine and enjoy the experience and benefits of using it.


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