Roger Black Fitness

Gold Treadmill

The Roger Black Gold Treadmill is our premium product across-the-board and will appeal to experienced as well as novice runners or power walkers alike. It’s a really solid piece of equipment that should be confident of its ‘gold’ status.

Roger Black Fitness

Easy Fold Treadmill

The Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill is a customer favourite and a stroke of genius when it comes to ease of use and design.

Roger Black Treadmills

Also best-selling products, Roger Black treadmills are available to buy in two designs: static or ‘Easy Fold’, depending on available space and user experience.

The Roger Black Gold Treadmill is Bluetooth compatible, with MP3 connectivity, an in-built microphone, a programmable incline and an iPad/iPhone holder. Perfect if you want to track your progress and are comfortable with technology.

The Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill, whilst more economical on space, still delivers as a quality, completely foldable treadmill. Fully assembled and ready to use, this folding running machine has a manual incline and an auto-stop safety system.

Affordable Range

Budget Friendly Equipment

Our entire product range is sold at an affordable price range, suitable to everybody’s budget.

A Trusted Brand

Reliable & Trustworthy

Roger Black is a well known British Olympic Athlete, his products have been sold in the UK for over 15 years.

Customer Support

Need Assistance?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about our exercise machines & help you make the right choice!