A Guide to Caring For A Roger Black Treadmill

A Guide to Caring For A Roger Black Treadmill

In a world where most machines are expected to be better informed and knowledgeable than their users, buyers of home fitness equipment, should not live by these rules. In the words of the late and very great, Alan Turing, “If a machine is expected to be infallible, it cannot also be intelligent”. 

Such is the case with home fitness equipment. Even with the most up-to-date technology installed in the computer hard drive, a treadmill is still a machine that needs to be respected and handled with care and caution, to avoid injury and to minimise damage to the inner and outer parts. So how should you care for your Roger Black treadmill?

How to Set Up a Roger Black Fitness Treadmill

Once your order arrives and has been delivered to your room of choice, carefully unpack the box, lay out all of the parts, read the product manual and have a look at the Roger Black Fitness YouTube Channel assembly videos. Make sure you carefully check the packaging’s nooks and crannies as some blister packs are often hidden in corners! Also, make sure you retain all packaging just in case there is an issue with the machine, as items will need to be boxed up as part of returns’ protocol.

How to Store your Treadmill

If you aren’t using either your Roger Black Easy Fold foldable treadmill or Roger Black Gold Treadmill, always make sure that your foldable or stationary treadmill is housed in a dry and safe area, is disconnected from the mains and kept away from both children and pets. It is also important to keep your machine on a flat surface both during use and when dormant.

How to Clean a Roger Black Treadmill

Your treadmill belt may get dirty over time, from tread marks and dust or pet hair in the home. Prior to any light cleaning, it is essential that you remove any small items that might have landed on the running surface or be stuck in the belt after you have unplugged your machine. We would recommend that you use a damp cloth and mild, non-abrasive detergent to clean the belt but always ensure that the machine is fully dried before you re-connect to the power.

How Often Should You Clean Your Treadmill?

There isn’t really a prescriptive answer to this specific question. The most sensible approach is just that… to be sensible and clean your machine as needed, especially if the belt is marked or dirty from trainer tread or household dirt. Always ensure that the machine is unplugged from the wall and that no water or residual fluids remain on the machine when you are ready to plug it in again.

Wiping Down the Treadmill After a Workout

In terms of general care before, during and post-workout, especially if you are sharing the machine with friends and family in a post-covid world, make sure that you regularly wipe down your machine with antibacterial wipes or with a soft cloth and non-abrasive spray cleaner.

Regularly Adjust & Clean Treadmill Belt

When you start using your treadmill, you may need to adjust the running belt for the first few weeks. All running belts are correctly set at the time of production although it might stretch or misalign during transit. Stretching is quite normal and should be expected during the normal break-in period.

Within Roger Black product manuals, you will find a diagram showing you how to increase or decrease running belt tension with the Allen Wrench that is included in the blister pack. As a rule of thumb, clockwise turns will increase tension and anti-clockwise will reduce tension. Always make sure that you aren’t forcing bolts and that you apply the same number of turns to both bolts so that the machine is balanced. 

In short, you, as the treadmill user, need to use common sense and old-fashioned human intelligence when it comes to treadmill maintenance, as well as following product manual guidelines. And we are sure that Mr Turing would agree.

Check for Loose Screws

Before you start using the machine or if there appears to be a technical issue, before you contact customer service, do a quick ‘once over’ of the machine to ensure that there are no loose screws or cables that might be interfering with the performance of your treadmill.

Carry Out Regular Treadmill Lubrication

Occasionally, moving parts may also require some light oil or WD40 to prevent premature wear. Always err on the side of caution and if in doubt where to apply oil/WD40, please contact our technical support team or email #TeamRBF at hello@rogerblackfitness.com

Roger Black Fitness Technical Support

#TeamRBF has a dedicated team that is available from 09:00 to 17:00 during the week, to help with technical queries, parts and servicing on machines bought AFTER MAY 2021. The number is 0345 222 1462 and features within your product manual. This helpline can also help with servicing and spare parts, subject to stock availability. If you require support with any of our machines and bought your treadmill from Argos, you will need to contact Argos via email hello@argoshelpdesk.co.uk as all support or maintenance falls under Argos’s T&Cs of sale.

Roger Black Fitness Warranty

All Roger Black treadmills come with a 1-Year parts warranty that can be found at the back of your digital or hard copy product manual. Fitness equipment sometimes goes wrong at the point of manufacture or distribution and #TeamRBF values the safety and trust of every customer who buys from us. If there is an issue with your treadmill, always check with us via email at hello@rogerblackfitness.com including your order number and date of purchase before ‘self-diagnosing’ or going down the Youtube.com rabbit hole of DIY. Please be mindful of attempting to repair machines yourself as this may invalidate your warranty.

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