Troubleshooting & Support

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Troubleshooting & Support

We like to be ‘helpful’ here at #TeamRBF. What follows is an insight into some industry-centric questions and challenges – focusing on troubleshooting and myth-busting around the home fitness space that isn’t often talked about (but often asked about via customer service). So here goes… In summary, we have included customer information on:

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Second Hand vs New Machines

Spare Parts

We fully appreciate that when you buy a machine, the level of expectation is that all parts should be readily available for years to come. By way of transparency, and to manage expectations when you buy from us, a lack of parts is not due to companies (especially smaller concerns) being at fault or negligent – moreover, there are logistical, cost and also engineering challenges to compete with. In addition, it also depends upon how many machines have been manufactured, as parts are usually available from recycled or faulty machines that come back into the warehouse.

For bikes, especially, folding bikes, the motor is housed internally and comes as one complete unit when dismantled. If a small internal mechanism is required for your machine, the way our logistics business is set up, non-moveable parts cannot be sent or machines stripped down.

Furthermore, if you purchase a machine such as an Easy Fold Treadmill that comes fully assembled, it is unlikely that parts are available due to the nature of how the machine is built and shipped. However, belt alignment or servicing may still an option via trusted industry experts, Fitness Equipment Services.

The good news is that wherever possible, we will offer a replacement machine or moveable part when a product is in Warranty. So don’t worry – we simply want to manage expectations before you buy!

Pre-2021 Purchases (Blue/Black/Silver Machines)

By way of a little history, Argos held an exclusive licence to manufacture and sell the Roger Black Fitness range of home fitness equipment up until the start of 2021. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with parts enquiries relating to Argos-manufactured machines. This specific range is no longer manufactured and parts are in short supply.

Due to the intense volume of machines sold during the retailer’s 15-year period, there are still some parts available online (sold via eBay or specialist sites). However, always seek support from an industry expert – our first port of call where we always direct customers is to Fitness Equipment Services (FES). All Argos-related support and enquiries fall under the company’s original T&Cs of sale so should be directed to FES, via or 01782 280855.

Post-2021 Purchases (Black/Orange Machines)

If you have an issue with your machine and require support or a replacement part whilst in Warranty, we would always ask that you email us at with a photo or video of the issue in the first instance, together with your original order details (in four-digit order format). All purchase queries should be emailed to, together with the full order details.

As a business, we only stock limited moveable parts used from our existing stock of machines and do not send out engineers to undertake repairs. In most cases, if you have an issue with your in-Warranty machine where we are unable to send a part for you to assemble yourself, we may replace your machine, FOC. Any issue is dealt with on a stand-alone basis though so please ensure you get in touch. Any repairs undertaken by yourself may invalidate your Warranty if a breakage occurs.

Product Support

Machines Purchased Before 2021

We are unfortunately unable to assist with enquiries relating to machines that were purchased prior to 2021. Please contact Fitness Equipment Services (FES) by email or telephone, as follows:


Telephone: 01782 280855

We do offer a 10% goodwill discount on new products if you are an existing customer. Please get in touch to benefit from your loyalty discount.

Machines Purchased After 2021

If you purchased your machine from our website, Vivup, Amazon or QVC, please contact us with your order number and the issue via

If you purchased your machine from or from’s Amazon shop page, please contact with your order details.

If an out of Warranty product requires a part or maintenance, please contact us via with the issue and original order details. If we stock the part, we will send you a quote that will require approval and pre-payment prior to distribution. Whilst we don’t offer in-house servicing, if you email us, we may be able to recommend a third-party for certain machines.

In the event that your post-2021-bought machine cannot be serviced or parts are not available when out of Warranty, we can offer you 20% off a replacement machine in this instance only, bought via our website.

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Second Hand VS New Machines

We would advise customers to err on the side of caution when investing in second-hand equipment for practical and safety reasons. As with any machine, there is a shelf life to consider and there is no visible gage to support how a machine has been used, maintained and serviced by its previous owners.
We know first-hand that parts for older Roger Black Fitness machines are in short supply. Whilst we appreciate this is frustrating for you as a customer, it is important to understand that the supply is limited, especially as older models (pre-2021) are no longer manufactured by Argos (or us).