“Ask Roger…” Roger Black Fitness Folding Exercise Bike – Troubleshooting

“Ask Roger…” Roger Black Fitness Folding Exercise Bike – Troubleshooting

When it comes to troubleshooting for the Roger Black Fitness range of home fitness equipment, we are often asked questions about our Roger Black Exercise Bikes and treadmills.

To help customers, Roger has created some short and easy-to-navigate videos. In this blog, we cover off four of our most frequently asked questions about our Folding Exercise Bike as well as related YouTube links, as follows:

  • Assembly Troubleshooting
  • Saddle Height For Taller Customers
  • How To Fold And Store
  • Key Features

How To Assemble Your Roger Black Folding Bike – Troubleshooting

When you receive your folding bike, all parts will be wrapped within the carton, including a small blister pack containing your Allen key and spanner. Please make sure you check the protective polystyrene quite carefully as the blister pack can be tucked into the corner. 

Once you have unwrapped all parts, it is probably easiest to lay everything out on the floor and then follow the instruction manual. Roger’s top tips for assembly are as follows:

  1. Make sure that the front stabilisers are the ones with little wheels on
  2. When attaching the pedals, make sure that the spanner is turned clockwise for the right-hand pedal and anti-clockwise (reverse thread) for the left-hand pedal
  3. Be careful when clicking the two wires from the main frame to the computer screen

A full video can be found on Youtube:

Saddle Height – Dimensions

We are often asked by our taller customers about saddle height, ie the distance from the saddle to the floor or pedals (at the highest setting). In this video, Roger shows you the distance from the saddle to the floor and pedal at its highest setting.

A quick checklist:

  • Distance from saddle to floor at the highest setting is 34 inch/87 cm
  • Distance from seat to pedal at the highest setting is 90cm/35 inches

How To Fold Your Exercise Bike – Locking Pin Top Tip

In this video, Roger shows you how the folding bike can be stored upright or flat. When folding the bike, ensure that the locking pin goes all the way through. Sometimes, this needs a little ‘wiggle’ to get the pin into the correct position. Once the pin is in place, you can lie the bike flat or upright, to suit. If you lie the machine flat, please ensure that the monitor is facing upwards, to avoid possible damage.

Roger’s video can be found here:

Key Features – Folding Exercise Bike

In this video, Roger talks through key features to include:

  • Resistance – You need to manually turn the resistance knob to the right to increase resistance (levels 1-8)
  • Different programmes – Mode showing calories, speed and distance
  • How to use the pulse sensors and where you pulse is shown on-screen

The full video can be viewed here:

In our next “Ask Roger…” series, Roger answers key questions about our Roger Black Gold Treadmill

If you have a question about the Roger Black Fitness range, please email us at hello@rogerblackfitness.com and we will aim to come back to you within 24 hours.

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