‘23 AND YOU’

Man and Women on exercise equipment.

‘23 AND YOU’

Many of you will be familiar with the genealogy site, 23 & Me so we thought we might have a little play around with the name for the purposes of our next blog and a new year checklist. As we approach the New Year 2023, we want you to take a moment to consider small changes that might help you to improve your health and well-being – not just for the month of January but as a long-term habit that becomes the norm rather than a chore. 

For some of you, it might be reducing your alcohol intake with Dry January; for others, it might be venturing into the unknown with ‘Veganuary’ and possibly for the majority, a renewed commitment to just a little bit (more) of indoor or outdoor fitness and increased physical activity.

Getting started is usually the hardest part of any task so we would suggest you do your homework before committing to an impulse buy in the sales or getting a little too trigger-happy with your credit card. We are all feeling the financial pinch more than we should be right now so every purchase should be considered, especially when companies are trying to limit returns and manage their carbon footprint.

Before you invest in any form of home fitness equipment, gym membership or subscription to online classes, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. How much time do I have?
  3. Do I want to focus on home well-being or venture outside or to a sports centre or more social environment?
  4. How much space do I have at home (if the above answer is ‘home’)?
  5. How often am I able to exercise?


When it comes to budget, if you are investing in home fitness equipment, for example, take into account that many foldable machines will be slightly cheaper and will weigh less. In light of current concerns about household bills, some people will want a product that functions without mains power. Some of the more expensive machines are heavily focused on interactive technology and also require subscription commitments. Write down what is most important to you and stick to your guns. Our choice for a budget, the foldable machine is the Roger Black Folding Treadmill.


Before you buy or commit to your New Year health investment, be realistic with yourself about time. We are all able to ‘make time’ to a certain extent but don’t over-stretch yourself or you may just immediately disappoint or fall short before you even get to January 1st. An investment in self should be realistic, and achievable and allow you to feel good about yourself – not constantly feeling that you have let yourself down by not reaching unrealistic goals. Small steps are key and should not be underestimated.

Home VS Away

If you love The Great Outdoors and don’t like to be couped up inside, focus on outdoor activities so that you don’t feel hemmed in, braving the elements at all costs. If you are unsteady on your feet or are unable to venture outside, consider activities that you can undertake in the comfort of your own home; whether it be pedalling away on a RBF folding exercise bike whilst watching ‘Love Actually’ or zoning out to a bedtime meditation podcast.

The question of space and storage is such a big deal for most of us, especially when we are regularly advised by the likes of ‘Mrs Hinch’ to regularly de-clutter and create home havens for ourselves. If you are choosing to work out at home, where are you going to do it and how much space do you have? Always check a product’s specification, footprint and space required if you are buying home fitness equipment and even if you are buying a yoga mat, make sure you have enough space to relax on your own, even for 30 minutes a day.

RBF Exercise Bike

How Often

Another big question is how much time I have to myself for exercise and well-being. If you are busy with family obligations, time can easily run away with itself. Lifestyle gurus may preach earlier starts or absolutes when it comes to self-care but in the real world, sometimes this just isn’t possible. As with the ‘time’ question, try to be realistic as to how much time you can commit to your well-being on a daily or weekly basis. If it makes it easier to include other family members, simply go on a group walk or do an online class together. Feeling good about yourself should be enjoyable.

Another top tip is to try not to become too overwhelmed by societal expectations and messages around ‘New Year, New You’. Every new day gives you an opportunity to start again and put your best foot forward. 

Everyone at #TeamRBF wishes you and yours all the best for the holiday season. What will ‘23 and You’ look like?

If you have any questions about any of our folding or stationary home fitness equipment, please email hello@rogerblackfitness.com and we will endeavour to answer your question within 24 hours.

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