My Healthy Valentine – How to Keep Motivated in Februrary

My Healthy Valentine – How to Keep Motivated in Februrary

It’s February 1st 2022 and you made it through January. Bravo to you. Perhaps you decided to up your health and wellbeing ante at the strike of midnight on 1st January this year, lose a few pounds, take up a new hobby or even change your job? Great lifestyle habits require consistency and a level of ongoing commitment.

With this in mind, we are encouraging #TeamRBF to keep going during February and beyond, even if the high street and your Facebook feed is full of sweet treats and pink and red chocolate delights to make your mouths water and lead you down the path of sugar rush temptation. All in moderation though.

We’ve put together an easy-to-remember V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E.S checklist to help you to stay healthy and keep moving during ‘the month of love’:

Our Valentine Formula

V –  Vary the physical activity that you do and keep your body and mind alert, to keep you motivated. One day you might work out on your home exercise bike, The next you might go for a walk in the countryside, or do some yoga at home.

A –  Adapt and don’t feel guilty if you have to mix things up. Diary dates like half term might take over with children and grandchildren but use this as an opportunity to go out and spend time with them (if you are able) or set up some home-based activities around healthy cooking or exercise.

L –  Limit screen time if you can, particularly before bed and while you sleep. Having a phone by your bed can reduce the quality of your sleep. Every body needs to heal and repair overnight so give your body what it needs to do its job properly.

E –  Experiment! Whatever pastimes or activities you commit to, enjoy them. Don’t go to a gym if you hate the gym. There are lots of alternatives (and you can save a bit of money too). Find foods that you enjoy cooking and eating. There are so many ways to make healthy meals that don’t cost the earth.

N –  Naps. Yes, naps. Babies have them. Animals have them. So why shouldn’t humans? The practice of a siesta has been keeping generations of Europeans healthy for years. Even a 30-minute lunch-break nap mid- afternoon, if you can, can give you a reboot for the rest of the day. Not every day, but when you can and if your lifestyle allows. 

T –  “It’s good to talk…”, as Maureen Lipman taught us in the 1980’s BT ad. Some of you may be too young to remember but this series of adverts was a little bit legendary. Talking to someone, albeit a friend, loved one or even a stranger on a park bench (as per the popular Netflix Show, After Life) is all good for your mental wellbeing.

I –  Invest in yourself. Whatever you do today sets the pace and tone for tomorrow and beyond. If you commit to a 20-minute jog today, you might be more inclined to repeat it tomorrow or the day after. If you sign up for a home learning course, where might this take you in six months’ time? If you save your cappuccino money every day, what could you do this time next year (yes, it’s an actual money-saving strategy)?

N –  Nature rocks. Regardless of where you live, there are usually some hidden nooks and crannies to discover, particularly if you are on foot or cycling. Parks and nature paths are fantastic places to meet, people watch and play, without having to count steps.

E –  As Adele says “Go easy on me…”. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t expect results overnight. Progress takes time, regardless of where you invest your time and energy. Keep moving forward, one step in front of the other. Water stagnates when it stops flowing, as do humans. Speaking of which…

S –  Swim! Yes, even in the Winter. Fans of indoor or outdoor swimming will sing the praises of the humble swimming pool, pond and even the big blue herself. Swimming is great for your heart, as well as skin tone, clears the mind and gives you a low impact cardio workout all in one. It can even raise the libido a bit… just in time for the 14th.

Happy and HEALTHY February 2022 to you all! #keepmoving

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