What is an Air Rower?

What is an Air Rower?

Those of us at a certain age will remember the iconic image of Tom Cruise and his air guitar in the 1980’s film, ‘Risky Business’ Risky Business – Wikipedia. Many a generation since that time have tried to perfect Cruise’s air guitar interpretation. To avoid confusion, the definition of an air rower is a far cry from the actor’s iconic air guitar but it does give the user a whole new take on ‘pulling power!’. So, when it comes to choosing a home rowing machine, what are the different types available to buy online or in-store?


Magnetic Rower

One of the options readily available is a magnetic rower. This type of rower uses a magnetic break within the fly wheel to create resistance, as per the visual below of the Kettler magnetic air rower.

Air Rower

When it comes to an air rower specification, the premise is similar although the rower uses air rather than a magnet to create resistance. With an air resistance rower such as the Roger Black Gold Air Rower the faster the user rows, the more inertia and power that is generated by a fly wheel or fan. In the case of the Roger Black Air Rower, here is a summary specification:

Water Rower

The third type of rower that is available is a water rower. Instead of air or a magnet, this machine actually uses a tank of water to create resistance. Just think how efficient the tide can be when you are swimming against it.


When it comes to choosing the best type of rowing machine, there isn’t one hard or fast rule of thumb. What is important is what is right for YOU. You need to ask yourself a few questions before you commit (and it is a commitment) to a spend on home fitness equipment and the best home rowing machine for you.


Before you get confused or press the ‘BUY NOW’ button, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much can you afford?
  • Where will the machine be in your home?
  • Are you looking for an interactive row with high-quality realistic graphics?
  • Do you want to join a live class or virtual row?
  • How easy is the machine to move around, weight-wise?
  • How often will you use it?

Once you have answered the above questions, you can draw up a short list of brands that cover off your Wish List. Clearly, some models will be heavier or more sophisticated in terms of gadgets and gizmos but ultimately, any machine is as good as you allow it to be. Each and every rower can give you a solid upper body workout and get your heart pumping. You just have to get on, strap in your feet and start moving!


When it comes to asking yourself questions before you buy, one key element to consider is how much space you have at home for your rower. Most rowers, regardless of whether they are powered by magnets, air or water, are quite low to the ground and wide. You also need to be able to row and move your arms (real-life elbow room) and allow space around the footprint of the machine. So make sure you do your research. The Roger Black Gold Air Rower should give you a rough idea of size although product descriptions are readily available via Google.co.uk or Amazon.

In addition, depending on the size or weight of the fly wheel, you need to consider your own ability to move the machine around. If you are frail or perhaps live alone, you might consider a lighter weight machine, from a practical perspective, if nothing else.

As an aside, most gym rowing machines tend to be more sturdy, based on the amount of use they will be subjected to. Sometimes, gym users may be heavy-handed or over-enthusiastic so probably best not compare your online purchase with a rower you may have tried at the gym. Some of these gym-based machines cost well into 1,000’s (versus 100’s) of pounds.

So when it comes to choosing the best rowing machine for you, make sure you ask yourself the right questions before you buy. Perhaps try out different machines, if you can, in-store or through your networks. Armed with the right knowledge and an informed and confident way forward, we are sure that choosing your home rowing machine won’t be a ‘Risky Business’ this Christmas or New Year 2022.

For more information about the Roger Black Gold Air Rower, feel free to email us at hello@rogerblackfitness.com with any product questions. We are always here to help, 365 days a year

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