The Benefits of Exercise As You Age

The Benefits of Exercise As You Age

Benefits of Exercise for Seniors      

‘Let’s get PHYSICAL…’ with Roger Black Fitness

Many of you will remember the late, great Olivia Newton-John who sadly passed away this Summer, encouraging us to “Let’s Get Physical”, back in the 80s. Some 40 years later, Gen Z is singing along to Dua Lipa’s adaption of the same song title. These three words ring true for every generation, especially as we age. So what are the benefits of exercise as we get older, how do we get started and which exercise should we choose?

Prevents  Disease 

Key research points to increased movement favourably impacting disease prevention and also recovery from illness. The UK Government website data demonstrates sound research. The body is a very complex machine and we know what happens to machines when the parts aren’t oiled and the machine is left gathering dust… the same applies to us as we age.

Decreased Risk Of Falls 

Movement and exercise can also help to reduce bone fragility and the risk of falling over. Clearly, there are other things to consider eg menopause, osteoporosis, diabetes and your feet, the dangers of potholes and chronic illness, but even for our most vulnerable adults, keeping your joints supple can help with posture, confidence and walking with less anxiety.

Improves Strength

Like the brain, our muscles require feeding and stimulation to maintain and grow – strength within the mind and body is key as we age. We don’t need to beat a 10-minute mile and should certainly not be comparing our performance to our younger selves. Slow down and be present during your workouts: steady consistency is the order of the day. So what is the best exercise to choose as you age?

Is a Rowing Machine  Good Exercise for Seniors?

When it comes to choosing the right equipment for you, an air rower is ideal if you seek a low-impact, recumbent cardio workout for arms, legs, back and also weight management. If you have issues with your knees or feet, a seated air rower is ideal as you are not weight-loading on your legs in a standing position. Rowing can also be a fun activity that doesn’t feel like working out and you can imagine you are actually on the water!

Treadmill VS Stationary bike For Seniors

If a rower isn’t for you or if you are looking for a piece of equipment to complement rowing, why not look into a treadmill or stationary bike?  Roger Black Fitness offers a range of folding and stationary and all priced at under £600.

Here is a comparison chart if you aren’t sure if a treadmill or bike is right for you:

Feature Treadmill Stationary Bike
Cost The price points of quality machines may be higher as machines need to be heavier to be stable but be mindful that in some cases you are paying for technology and interactive capabilities vs functionality Can deliver a quality machine under £300 and also may be expensive if the focus is on technology and an interactive workout. The flywheel is important when comparing like for like
Knee/Joint Issues Consult your GP but walking may be preferable to jogging or running. Always consult with your doctor first and use es     Ideal for joints as long as knees are correctly positioned and not pointing ‘out’. With Roger Black bikes there is no backrest so can help posture as well
Space Most treadmills are quite heavy but folding options are available if you are able to lift part of the machine up or down A standard stationary bike does not fold, although folding exercise bikes are a low-cost solution if you are less concerned with a high-spec machine and flywheel weight
Enjoyment If you enjoyed running or are a regular rambler but are fearful of potholes or can’t see too well in the dark, then walking on a treadmill whilst catching up on a podcast or box set is an ideal solution An exercise is an all-around winner for most seniors as they age. As with the treadmill, you can pedal away while you listen to music or watch TV. If you are unsteady on your feet, a bike will give you a steady centre of gravity

According To Roger Black

“The benefits of exercise for seniors, for those over 50, are plentiful and help mind, body and soul. When we talk about exercise, there are a host of options available to us nowadays – there is an activity for everyone. It’s all about keeping mobile and investing in regular movement, whether it be walking outside, signing up to an online yoga class or buying a piece of home fitness equipment and committing to using it”.


So, as winter envelops us, we should all be thinking about the benefits of exercising, especially as we age. In addition, we’ve put together an easy-to-remember acronym to help you consider the importance of increased physical activity as we age, Here’s to being healthy and staying safe throughout winter 2022/23:

P Prevention of disease

H Healthy body = healthy mind

Y Youthful skin tone

S Serotonin inducing

I Illness recovery

C Cognitive benefits

A Activity = Social benefits

L Longevity

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