National Fitness Day 2022

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National Fitness Day 2022

A tribute to Queen Elizabeth II who died today - Policing Insight


A Tribute to Her Majesty the Queen

the nation unites to remember Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and as we move out of national mourning with a new King and Head of State, day-to-day life throughout the British Isles will slowly return to a very new normal. What will this era look like for you and your loved ones though, health and fitness-wise, especially as the nights draw in?

During the week post-State Funeral, National Fitness Day takes place on 21st September 2022, an annual celebration when it comes to living your best and most healthy life. Just one day perhaps, but it could be the start of a new personal era for you too, introducing improved fitness and wellbeing habits into your lifestyle.

The late Monarch herself was a huge fan of walking and horse riding and whilst most of us mere mortals may not be blessed with private estates that span as far as the eye can see, there are numerous glorious open spaces throughout the UK for us to enjoy and also a wide range of folding or stationary treadmills to buy and use at home. Walking is such an intrinsic part of fitness but so often forgotten with the advent of social media and a new perception of ‘the new healthy.

Roger Black Treadmill’s – How can they help you?

Many Roger Black Fitness customers use our Fitness treadmills for walking, especially if they are worried about their mobility or possibly falling over along public roads and walkways. According to research, power walking is a key fundamental when it comes to increased cardiovascular health Walking for health Whilst running might burn more calories within a shorter time frame, walking can be less damaging to your joints, over time. Walking on a treadmill at home, with or without a gradient, could be a perfect solution.

The advice of Roger Black

“As I look back at my career within British sport, I certainly couldn’t run how I used to… I still jog daily in the woods near where I live but so many runners that I know have really struggled with their joints over the years, especially as they age. In addition to my daily jogs, I can often be found on the Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill or Roger Black Gold Bike for a quick 20-minute walk or cycle.

“When we are young, we think we are invincible… I certainly did. With age comes temperance and hopefully some wisdom to better understand that fitness and health is a very personal journey and the only person to compete with in real life is our good self. The Roger Black range of home fitness equipment is designed to help people of all ages find a health and wellbeing path that works for them, especially as they age,” mused Roger.

 How you can benefit from National Fitness Day

So how will you be celebrating National Fitness Day 2022?

Here is a quick checklist when it comes to choosing a running machine:

*Budget – How much do you have to spend? 100% foldable treadmills will usually cost a little less than a static equivalent and possibly have a lower output

*Space: How much space do you have at home? Opt for a folding machine if you have less useable space or for less frequent use

*Experience: If you are a more experienced runner, a higher HP and weight will probably work better for you, especially with more intense usage

*Tech: More tech normally equates to more cost, especially with enhanced graphics, simulated programmes or monthly subscription plans

*Incline Vs No Incline: This comes down to budget and wish-list requirements

*Assembly Vs No Assembly: Are you able to assemble a machine or do you have someone who can assist at home or locally?

*Weight: Consider the weight of a product before you buy. The Roger Black ‘White Glove Delivery Service’ will bring your order into a room of choice but do consider product weight, if the product is on wheels and accessibility at home before you buy, especially if you live alone and might struggle to move your machine on your own

Product Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill Roger Black Gold Treadmill
Foldable/Space-Saving (Folds upright only)
Assembly Required x
Programmable Incline x
Price £449 plus delivery £549 plus delivery
HP 1.0 1.25


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