Consumers have become more impatient. Fact, not fiction. Whether it is due to the ‘Amazon Prime’ effect of overnight delivery, the advent of technology or social media quasi-addiction, we want everything as quickly as possible… instant gratification is the order of the day.

The reality for many businesses who work with international suppliers (such as Roger Black Fitness), is that we are often subject to re-stock order delays of up to three months*. Back in the day, deliveries for bulky items such as sofas or white goods may have taken many weeks – even now, such time lags are expected so why would our business be any different?

When it comes to home fitness equipment, we are able to keep costs down by working with international factories and through managing our carbon footprint via sea versus air freight. We value each and every customer and do appreciate that ‘the waiting game’ can be frustrating.


We endeavour to keep customers informed with updates during the waiting process although as with any logistical activity, we are in the hands of third parties – timelines can sometimes shift and we can only apologise for delays. On the upside, with pre-orders, you have time to plan ahead, creating your very own version of the W.A.I.T.I.N.G Game, as detailed below:

1. W: Where will you put your machine?

We are often asked about where to put machines. Take a little time to work out where you are able to exercise. Whilst some customers may be limited on space, we have been made aware that some house insurance policies will not cover home fitness equipment used on the upper floors of the home. Regardless of where you decide to use your machine, ideally, the surface should be flat; the area should be damp-free and with access to fresh air. Always check with your insurer prior to use and also a builder if you live in a very old property.

2. A: Accessories for your treadmill or bike

Whilst we currently don’t sell accessories for our machines, we recommend that our customers always use a mat under each machine, ideally one that is larger than the footprint of the treadmill, bike, elliptical machine or rower. In addition, for bikes only (and especially if multiple people are regularly using your machine), we would suggest that you invest in a unisex, washable gel seat cover. For more information, visit our Troubleshooting & Support Hub. You should also make sure you have a water bottle or access to water and a small towel.

3. I: Internet research

You can use this time to become your very own ‘amateur home fitness guru’ via internet research on YouTube and Google. Why not check out the Roger Black Fitness YouTube channel or find fitness experts or groups who resonate with your personal circumstances? If you are a Generation X’er, there may be an influencer who shares relevant content; if you are physically vulnerable or advancing in years, websites like Age UK or the NHS website may be able to inspire and support you. One of the joys of the internet is that you can always find answers to specific questions, however confusing or multi-faceted those answers may prove to be.

4. T: ‘Take five’

Occasionally, we all need to put our feet up and have a cuppa. If you are ‘Googled out’, always take time to show some self-care. This is important, regardless of whether you are waiting for your treadmill or not. Rest is key for our bodies so make sure you are taking care of your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, especially as we move into winter and the nights draw in. You don’t always need to go back to bed or have a kip on the sofa. Rest might take the form of deep breathing, meditation, turning on the TV, taking an Epsom Salts bath or making a pot of tea or coffee. It’s your time so use it wisely.    

5. I: Improvements at home

Ah yes, a nation of DIYers. All those tasks that accumulate during the year, why not spend some time on a house or garage refresh while you wait for your machine? DIY or gardening can be very therapeutic and also purpose-driven in terms of home-grown results. In addition, you might burn off a few calories too. It’s really important to keep your body moving, regardless of the output you choose. You may also wish to check electrics and damp levels during your home refresh, especially if you are planning to house your treadmill or bike in a garage or garden room.

6. N: Netflix planning

As the clocks turn back, many broadcasters and streaming services will up their game during the winter months, to garner and maintain viewer reach. Most of us enjoy an indulgent ‘Netflix & Chill’, so why not catch up with a box set or plan a box set to watch as you jog, run or pedal on your new machine? Both of our Roger Black Exercise Bikes have a screen ledge, to allow you to use a tablet, iPad or phone whilst pedalling.

7. G: Go for a walk

Here at #TeamRBF, we love to go for a walk or a light jog, regardless of the weather. Some fresh air in the lungs is always a much-needed tonic during the day. If you are able to do so, we would recommend getting some fresh air on a daily basis, even after your machine arrives. Mixing up your daily routine keeps mind, body and soul ‘on their toes’ whilst also allows us mere mortals to regroup and unpack the day’s stresses and strains. If you have bought new trainers or walking shoes in anticipation of your new purchase, why not ‘road test’ them to avoid potential ‘new shoe’ blisters.

By the time you have finished reading this blog, you are now a few steps and minutes closer to receiving your order? So what are you waiting for? Get-a-planning!  

*Please note that when products are in stock, standard delivery T&Cs apply. For more information, read our delivery policy


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