Launching The New Roger Black Fitness Affiliate Programme

Launching The New Roger Black Fitness Affiliate Programme

Why did we start the RBF affiliate program?

We launched the UK’s first website back in May 2021, after working with Argos on an exclusive licensing arrangement for 15 years. It has been a baptism of home fitness fire for Roger and the team and we have learnt so much about our web-based customers, as well as their needs and wants.

In addition to the customer-facing part of the business, behind the scenes, #TeamRBF have been working on creating a new Affiliate & Partnership Programme for some time now – for those of you who like a bit of jargon or industry-speak, a B2B part of the website. We will officially launch the Roger Black Fitness Affiliate & Partnership Programme on 5th September 2022.

What does affiliate marketing mean?

Affiliate Marketing means that a company enables the ability for there products to be advertised from a third party source, part of the sale of this product will go to the third party advertiser and will aid in the sale of the companies products. 

Why affiliate marketing?

As some of you will know, affiliate marketing is a popular ‘side hustle’, especially at the moment, and also forms part of many review site relationships, both within the fitness space and also, more recently, within the media as well. In addition, an affiliate and partnership programme will appeal to online influencers and those with an interest or passion for fitness or whose audience(s) that benefit from home exercise. 

Bottom line, we would like to think that the launch of our Affiliate Programme will create a Win:Win relationship for Roger Black Fitness and also for our industry partners alike – Not only from a financial perspective but as a business that prides itself on a commitment to customer care and service, we are all about the true essence of relationship-building. 

The facts

This new affiliate scheme delivers an initial 7.5% commission on every RRP sale (excluding delivery charges), as well as bespoke incentives that will be performance-related. All commission will be paid monthly in arrears and we will endeavour to keep the process as simple as possible, granting you trusted access to a selection of Roger Black Fitness assets and marketing collateral.

This programme has been created for us by the team at Redcore.Digital so there is no need to go through chatbots or long-distance conversations with call centres around the world. If you have a question or issue, we will always be on hand to help via email at

Tips and Advice

Here is a quick checklist for new affiliate partners:

  • Please make sure that you  include up-to-date banking and contact details within the secure web portal
  • For traditional affiliates, simply follow the three-step sign up process and accept the T&Cs at the site
  • Partnerships with influencers will require a bespoke agreement that is signed by both parties over and above sign-up (as we will still need contact and bank details etc)
  • We can only pay out to UK banks
  • Delivery is UK-wide only so please don’t sign up if you are currently an overseas affiliate with no presence in the UK
  • Please don’t promote your own RRPs or discounts
  • We have created some bespoke assets for you to use – We will send you a link once you are all signed up and good to go
  • If you have any questions or want to share content with us via socials etc, please email

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