Returns & Product Issues

Returns are always a bit tricky and annoying, particularly when the product you may want to return weighs quite a few kilos and might already be fully assembled or boxed in the hallway.

So, in order to make the process as straightforward as possible, here are a few guidelines and suggestions for customers to think about before buying a Roger Black piece of equipment (or even if you have just pressed ‘BUY NOW’ at the website).

Home fitness equipment is heavy, even if it folds away; it has to be to ensure it is stable for use – hence why we offer an exclusive and slightly more expensive two-person delivery service. It isn’t normally possible to carry one of our delivery packages or products on your own, unless we are possibly referring to a Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike. Please consider this before you buy any piece of home fitness equipment, regardless of whether it is folding or stationary.

If you are shielding or don’t want our delivery drivers to bring in your piece of equipment, please ensure that you are able to move the product yourselves. Our Roger Black Easy Fold Treadmill weighs 58kg gross (52kg without packaging), as an example. We would rather you email us first at with any questions about shielding or similar, to ensure you buy the right product for you, or indeed don’t buy at all as a precautionary measure.

We can only pick up a newly purchased item with no charge within the initial 28-day time frame if it is fully packaged, can be re-sold and if there is a sound reason. If you simply change your mind or have already assembled the machine, we will need to charge you a flat fee of £50 for product collection, as long as there is no damage or issue with the product itself. Any item to be collected must be in a box of some kind or collection and any possible refund is not possible.

For any faults with products, damaged during transit or delivery, please send videos and images to for consideration and we will either send a replacement part, a technician or a new machine, as appropriate.

For any return or collection enquiries after the initial 28-day statutory period, please email Only in extenuating circumstances will we be able to issue a refund and collect your product without charge.

If you have an older Roger Black product, we are unable to collect, recycle or exchange old machines (the older range is blue, grey and black). We would suggest you speak with your Council, a local Charity or recycling service. If you have a parts or manual enquiry for older or second-hand models you should call the FES Call Centre on 01782 280855 or email for all queries relating to product manuals, spare parts (including treadmill keys), technical queries and servicing. Roger Black Fitness is unable to assist with Argos-related product enquiries.